Justice & Hope Projects

  1. Project Diya (Light)

  2. Project Ummeed (Hope)

  3. Project Rahaat (Restore)


  1. Project Diya

    Bringing dignity, love, and truth into the hopelessness of lives that are traumatized by exploitation and abuse.

    – rescuing victims of trafficking, runaways, abused and vulnerable minors
    – working alongside government homes to develop systems and infrastructure
    – engaging abused and traumatised via much needed counselling and therapy
    – providing rescue and rehabilitation
    – continued support of victims

  2. Project Ummeed

    Strengthening communities against sexual violence. Creating friendly spaces of safety and enabling restoration and legal support of survivors.

    – working alongside schools and institutions to develop and strengthen strategies against sexual violence
    – educating children, teachers, parents and community members in prevention, support and response
    – holding perpetrators accountable

  3. Project Rahaat

    Restoration of families affected by disasters, domestic violence, infanticide and terminal illness.

    – supporting and empowering families and individuals victimized by domestic violence preventing terminal illness from causing a family to succumb to poverty
    – providing expert response during disaster and calamity
    – providing rescue and counselling to victims
    – providing a path towards longterm rehabilitation
    – supporting families and individuals in standing against infanticide

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