Build self governed communities with systems of safety that will prevent child sexual abuse and holistically restore those affected.

● Working alongside schools, institutions and organizations to develop and strengthen strategies against sexual violence ●

● Educating children, teachers, parents and community members in prevention, support and response ●

● Holding perpetrators accountable ●

According to the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), 53% of Children in India are victims of Child Sexual Abuse. With such a high incidence rate it is crucial that we take all possible steps to ensure that our children are safe, especially in the places they trust most.

Project Umeed (Hope) works towards strengthening communities against sexual violence. Creating friendly spaces of safety, enabling restoration and legal support for survivors.

  • working alongside schools and institutions to develop and strengthen strategies against sexual violence
  • educating children, teachers, parents and community members in prevention, support and response
  • holding perpetrators accountable through the legal system

Strategy & Approach:

  • Equip: First our focus is to equip the Institutions and Organizations to be more effective and efficient in creating and maintaining a child safe environment.
  • Organize: Identify and train a safety-first group that will train, educate and respond to create a child safe and friendly environment.
  • Recognize: Teach leaders including the members of the safety group the skills required to recognize the signs of abuse.
  • React: Know how to respond to abuse. Create systems that allow for efficient reporting that protects the child. Also, ensure that the child and family have all the support it needs in counseling and legal aid.
  • Recheck: Set standards for the Institutions and Organizations to check for measures of safety standard every 6 months.

We come alongside communities, schools, organizations and other institutions to create a child-safe environment by training Safety Groups that will then, in turn, be the core of responding to the environment they support.

If you are interested in inviting Justice & Hope to initiate a Child Protection Program at your school, organization, institution or community feel free to email

Safety First Campaign

Safety First Campaign strives to prevent Children from Sexual Abuse, Rape and Human Trafficking.


The purpose of this campaign is to achieve a community that is safer for our children to grow in. To train, equip, and build systems to fight against Child Sexual Abuse, Rape and Human Trafficking. To work with communities towards safer homes, safer schools and safer communities. To think Safety First.


  • To train and support an Institution/Community in becoming child safe. To protect children from any possible future risk of injury or harm by providing the basic tools to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate child protection policies and procedures that are adopted.
  • To support an Institution/Community in becoming child friendly by encouraging the full and active participation of children and young people within the Institution/Community, allowing their voices in decisions that impact them directly.
  • To support an Institution/Community in deterring recurrence. When a case of Child Sexual Abuse is reported, the restoration of the survivor, strengthening the system to prevent future abuse and then following through with the legal accountability of the offender.

What can you do?

  1. Ensure your home, school and community is aware of Child Sexual Abuse and safety proofed.
  2. Listen to your children and take their complaints seriously.
  3. When you hear about an incident call the Police, dial 100 or call us 95000 25000. We will guide you step by step.
  4. Become a SafetyFirst Ambassador. Share the campaign on social media and join the team in the program.

“Shatter The Silence” #SafetyFirst

To conduct training in your schools, colleges, and communities, call 95000 25000 or

email us at

Training Programs on Child Sexual Abuse Awareness

Justice and Hope teamed up with Rotary, RoundTableIndia & LadiesCircle to create awareness on child safety at Chennai Higher Secondary School.

Justice and Hope teamed up with Rotary to speak about sexual abuse in Government Hobart Higher Secondary School for Muslim Girls, Chennai.

JusticeAndHope teamed up with TIEKE to conduct a Child Sexual Awareness Training at J.M Matriculation School, Purasawalkam, Chennai.

Justice and Hope teamed up with Tieke to conduct awareness program on child sexual abuse at Sunshine Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Aminjikarai, Chennai.

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